Enders Game: Leaves You More Confused Than Satisfied



Enders Game, the movie adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s 1985 book of the same title was overall a solid film. Now, coming from someone who didn’t read the book, I didn’t go into the theater with any expectations at all. However after leaving, I couldn’t help but sympathize with sci-fi fanatics as I could tell that the movie definitely wasn’t as good as the book (I’ll explain later). The movie surrounds Andrew “Ender” Wiggin, a young boy whose intelligence far exceeds that of his pre-pubescent years. His intelligence lands him in an advanced military school in space to help train him to command human forces against what Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford) prophesizes will be another alien invasion of earth. Most of the movie is spent training, which isn’t a problem since it was pretty cool, but I couldn’t stop thinking about Professor Xavier’s school for mutants I don’t know why. The movie is sort of like that: if you took the kids from Lord of the Flies, sent them to a school in space with Star Wars technology to a school like Xavier’s, that is literally this movie. But it works, and its great! The visual effects are top notch the acting is great, the script works etc. But Asa Butterfield (Ender) is the one who steals the show. Its really hard to find a movie where the lead actor, or supporting actor is a child who isn’t really, really annoying. It sounds a bit harsh but think about it:  Jake Lloyd in Phantom Menace, the kids from Jurassic Park, most young Dakota Fanning performances, the list goes on an on. But not Ender. This kid came across as a complete badass, he absolutely killed the role. I honestly think if Butterfield came up to me on the street and told me to do something I’d go do it. The kid just exudes leadership. All in all Enders Game was a solid flick, the only real problem I had was with the endering (get it???? Sorry it was just too easy).  Now granted as I said earlier I haven’t read the book, so I wasn’t expecting that really huge plot twist, but when it came I was really disappointed. Heres an ending that could be HUGE for the movie going audience who hasn’t read the book, and an ending you really need to do justice for those who have. But it just got passed over. And this is where the thought of people who read the book being disappointed entered my mind. Here’s where the entire story comes together and this huge twist that you could probably tell took about a chapter or more in the book to tell, and they just crammed it in there in about thirty seconds before its on to something else. And for that reason, as someone who never read the book, I can honestly say that I left the theater thinking, “What…. How… I’m so confused…” And that was bad! Because it was a really cool ending they just spent no time on it. In the end, it was a good movie, just expect to be trying to figure out what happened and how a week after you see the movie. As I still am. Right now.


-Posted by Logan Fay 11/8/2013



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